STDS and Planned Parenthood


Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are caused by infections that are passed from one person to another during sexual contact.

These infections often do not cause any symptoms. Medically, infections are only called diseases when they cause symptoms. That is why STDs are also called “sexually transmitted infections.” But it’s very common for people

Cum Rush

Cum Rush

As the cum rushed to the tip,
Her lips parted and she gasped at the sight of it shooting at her mouth.
Right there in front of the mirror they both got to watch her taste every bit of his milk and clean his balls up with her tongue.
He stood there trembling eager to fuck her mouth once again until this time she came herself….

She’s a Man Eater

She’s a Man Eater by Tiger Ortiz

Between the folds of her sex lay souls she once merged with. She was a man eater and her cinnamon fragrance lingered on anyone she aroused. In blends of bites and penetration and sheets of silk, words were exchanged. She thrived on the sharing of sexual intellect. The more they’d moan the more she was driven to take them all the way home to the tremble

Esther Perel on the Difference Between Sexuality and Eroticism

Esther Perel on the Difference Between Sexuality and Eroticism


7 MONTHS AGO 127 19 5 23

It’s fair to say that Esther Perel probably doesn’t subscribe to the Bloodhound Gang school of sexuality.

Perel, a world-renowned psychologist and relationship expert, is author of the best-selling book Mating

Coming out….sort of

Coming out….sort of

I never came out because I wanted to. I came out because I felt forced to. A long time ago, I first came out to 2 of my best friends. It made it easier because one of them identified as Bisexual. The support was there. A little after, I came out to my new boyfriend. He was absolutely cool with it. Later on, some friends and I had discussed it a little bit but I never

8 Lessons I’ve Learned In 12 Years Of Marriage By Jessica Dimas

8 Lessons I’ve Learned In 12 Years Of Marriage

Jessica Dimas 

Posted: 04/10/15 10:30 AM ET Updated: 04/13/15 11:59 AM ET

This past weekend was our wedding anniversary and I’ve been a bit reflective. I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my relatively short, 12 years of marriage; the usuals — like not saying the “D” word, accepting that my husband doesn’t always

Inside the Life of a Dominatrix by Jessica Pels

Inside the Life of a Dominatrix

An intimate—and eye-opening—interview.


Seeing Mona Rogers on the street, you might assume she’s a ballerina. Her movements have grace and purpose, her energy is calm and collected. She’s immediately likable. And she’s a professional dominatrix.

In a candid interview, the 33-year-old New Yorker

Make it feel like Valentine’s Day everyday!

How about with breakfast? A dear friend of mine just started a blog full of great recipes and discussions on her fitness journey as well as a very loving and sometimes comedic look at the world of motherhood! She made a knockout batch of pancakes. I knowwww you want someee! I think you and yours will be drooling over these pancakes!!! Omgahhh, I’m drooling ALREADY!!! Who wants

How to use a vibrator

By Tiger

    Vibrators can sometimes be a little intimidating based on the way they look. Trust me, they are only to help you not harm you! According to a study done by The Berman Center, 44% of women have vibrator experience and the most common reason was curiosity. Here you will learn how to use a vibrator and make it work for you.     First things first, when

Ask Tiger

Dear Tiger,
I think I’m allergic to my vibrator. Every time I put it in I get itchy. Is this possible?

Yes it is possible. You have two options:
1. Find out what material its made of and don’t use it anymore, get yourself a new vibrator
2. Put a condom it before insertion

Good luck
XO Tiger