About Me


Sex is such a taboo subject. Sex has been around for years. Most of us crave and enjoy it. So why can’t we discuss it? That was my question for years. Every time I bring up something sexual I’m usually greeted with stares and crazy looks. I understand sex can be something people are shy to discuss or maybe their upbringing makes them feel ashamed to talk about it. My goal has always been making people more comfortable and assertive in a discussion of sex. Also, I’ve always wanted to open their minds and introduce them to new things. I also wanted to create a place where anyone shy can learn new things in the bedroom, sex products, etc. in a private setting. HI!!!! I’m Tiger and I will be your guide! I hope you will feel comfortable with me enough to feel like I’m a friend from a long time that you can confide in! You can always talk to me about your worries, fears, and curiosity in the world of love and sex by sending me a message through my Contact page. Everything is confidential. If there’s something you would like to find out more about or have a question, do not hesitate to ask! With that said…..
Stay Purring,
xoxo Tiger