She’s a Man Eater

She’s a Man Eater by Tiger Ortiz

Between the folds of her sex lay souls she once merged with. She was a man eater and her cinnamon fragrance lingered on anyone she aroused. In blends of bites and penetration and sheets of silk, words were exchanged. She thrived on the sharing of sexual intellect. The more they’d moan the more she was driven to take them all the way home to the tremble zone. It was enticing to know that in that moment she would sweep the rest of their soul off of its feet. Embodying their need for nurturing, care, thoughtfulness, loving gestures, and a supportive personality……all that would be left to show was how she’d take their breath away. And so another soul she’d take once again…..all it took was “I’m about to cum.” The harder she thrust into them the harder they’d cum and she’d make sure she not only tasted their pleasure, she drowned in it. @curiousityktkitty